“It puts a wonderful new twist on the venerable Laika story and is a great read. I recommend it highly."

                                          -- Chris Dubbs, co-author of  Animals in Space

“... it is a remarkably empathetic and poignant work and I appreciate the wise  female perceptivity that pervades it throughout ...”

                                 -- Chris Carey, Aerospace Historian

"... a dog story for adults as well as children, a political and feminist allegory couched in an almost fairytale style, a rare combination of genres .... SCREWED POOCH is a literary tour de force and a good read for anyone with curiosity about how our world first ventured into space and what it cost us to achieve that mission."

                              -- Joseph McBride, author of What Ever Happened to Orson Welles: A                               Portrait of an Independent Career

"...poignant fictional account of Laika's epic story… based upon painstakingly accurate research…a transcending read … that any lover of dogs and/or person interested in the history of the Cold War space race would find exceptionally worthwhile."
                              -- Petsdevila (Pets and Animals Lover Society)

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